AVR C Programming - Setup Environment on Linux OS and Mac OSX

UpdatedUpdatedOctober 06 - 2017October 06 - 2017

OS: Linux

On Linux platform everything is pretty much straightforward. Moreover, we will have full control over everything!
I'll mainly use a Ubuntu platform for this whole course.

Setup environment:

  • For Debian based distribution (like Debian or Ubuntu or Mint etc.) open the terminal and type the following commands in one line:
    sudo apt-get install avrdude avrdude-doc binutils-avr avr-libc gcc-avr gdb-avr
  • For Red Hat and Fedora, replace apt-get with yum command to install the above packages and libraries.


Important! Open a terminal and double-check your installation by typing avrdude.

If you see the following output, then everything should work perfectly

OS: Mac

You may use CrossPack for Mac for your Mac OS X. It includes AVRDUDE and all necessary compile tools.