Arduino - Setup environment

UpdatedUpdatedJune 07 - 2017June 07 - 2017

Arduino web editor

It is the simplest way to start playing with your Arduino board. Just follow the on-screen instructions step by step to finish setting up the environment. There's two important points I would like to mention:

     If you are using a Chrome browser, it will install the certificate only on your Chrome browser. So later if you want to use Firefox or Opera or Explorer or Safari, you'll have to install the certificate on each of the browsers.
     Always run Arduino Create Agent with administrative privilege. Otherwise you may face problem detecting your Arduino board by the Arduino Create Agent.

Arduino IDE on Windows OS

Install the software or app.

Connect the Arduino via USB cable.

From Device Manager find the port. In my case it is COM3.

Arduino Uno Windows port

In Arduino IDE, select the board Arduino/Genuino Uno.

Arduino Uno Windows port

Now select the port (in my case COM3).

Arduino Uno Windows port

You can see our board and port here:

Arduino Uno Windows port

Now everything should work fine to program our Arduino board.

Arduino IDE on Mac and on Linux

The setup procedures are almost similar like on a Windows platform.